Live LIGHT Pathway Coaching

Weekly Group Coaching so you can live LIGHT

The Live LIGHT Pathway Coaching is group coaching and we meet online every week for 12 weeks for up to 90 minutes. Each week someone gets the hot seat and you see me coach them through something from the homework. Each week you get one of the tools in the Live LIGHT Pathway for homework.

If you can’t attend the live coaching, replays will be available. The hot seat sessions may be recorded ahead of time if you’re not available to do it live.  

You'll also be invited to join the private Live LIGHT Community. It's the place we can encourage each other in the day-to-day of everyday. 

You can also schedule a 15 minute laser coaching session with me, whenever you need it in the 12 weeks. I’m here to help you live LIGHT. 

Finally you’ll get:

A #Lighterati Price for Access to The Live LIGHT Academy (when launched)

Advanced readers copy of the book Live LIGHT (when available)

Limit of 12 per group. Groups close December 31, 2019. First group meeting will be arranged so the most people can be a part of it live but will start the week of Jan 6 

What would it feel the joy that come from gratitude in a more regular way? What if that feeling of grace is just one radical step away from always being a reality in your life?  What would those closest to you feel if you could truly be generous with your time and finances? 

Live LIGHT Pathway Coaching can help you experience those feelings and make them part of the day-to-day of your everyday. Make it part of your 2020 vision.

Trevor Lund
Trevor Lund
Founder of Live LIGHT Academy.

About the instructor

Trevor Lund is the creator of the Live LIGHT Pathway that helps you move from frustration to fulfilment in the next 40 days so you can do everything you need to do and still regularly experience the walk with God in the garden in the cool of the day even if you think busyness is a blessing and can’t even imagine miracles are done to you and never mind that they need to be done through you. 

Since 2006, as an author, speaker and coach he's been helping people like you to live loved radically, live intentional fearlessly, live generous joyfully, live hopeful trustfully and to live today mindfully. Yes, that's what he means when he says #LiveLIGHT.

 He is the founder of the Live LIGHT Academy and is the host of Live LIGHT Friends on Facebook. 

He created the Life Above the Negativity - Negativity Fast that has helped people since 2006. His blog is focused on helping his readers live LIGHT.  

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And of course at LIVE LIGHT FRIENDS on Facebook

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